Lifetime achievement award 2017

Stanley M. Hordes



Comments about Stan Hordes and his Work:

"Historians know that the measure of a person is often lost as hours reach days, days age to years, then years succumb to the unknown. Generations from now, after we have said our farewells to this Earth, a historian will locate Professor Stanley Hordes’ provocative and tireless investigations. They will immersive themselves in his foundational scholarship that unearthed the crypto-Jews of New Mexico and the Americas. They will engage with his intellectual hunches and his ongoing efforts. Peering into the past, the historian will sigh – and take his measure. Now, an unending chain of lives holds the historian’s attention: medieval Sephardic Jews, conversos, and crypto-Jews and their descendants. The historian will pay homage to Professor Hordes, and more importantly, shepherd his work into a new future, a new history."

Roger L. Martinez-Davila, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History, University of Colorado
Marie Curie Fellow, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


"Congratulations to Stan on this well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award. His work in weaving together Jewish and New Mexican history has enriched our understanding of New Mexico, giving voice to so many original settler families. Stan has the unique combination of excellent scholarship and nice-guy persona."
Paula L.W. Sabloff, Ph.D.
Santa Fe Institute
Santa Fe

"I would not be where I am today without the work that Stan has done. He has given the courage to speak publicly about my journey.  He is the one person that opened the doors for the Anuism." 

Maria C. Apodaca
Road Scholar Lecturer
Albuquerque, NM

"In his modest, scholarly and unassuming way, Dr. Stan Hordes changed the story of the history of Jews in the Southwest.  As a result of his seminal work on CryptoJews of New Mexico, a new field of academic historical research has developed.  A wide variety of people have taken a new personal interest in their family traditions and history, and are reclaiming some aspects of their previously hidden Jewish identity.  Hundreds now travel to New Mexico and other places in the Americas to learn about the history and culture of the B’nei Anusim.  Without the light shed on this topic by Stan, much of this rich history would have remained hidden even longer.  The significance of his influence cannot be measured--he is a treasure."

Rabbi Min Kantrowitz

The members of the Santa Fe Jewish Book Council will recognize Dr. Hordes with a circle of trees planted in his name in Israel.

The organizing members of the Santa Fe Jewish Book Council, Gloria Abella Ballen, Camilla Mandler, Nurit Patt, Pat Shapiro, and Ron D. Hart thank Dr. Hordes for his contributions to Jewish life in New Mexico through his scholarship and outreach activities








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